Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woman's Beauty!

Okay... I know you are all going to kind of giggle.... BUT I want to do a woman's beauty shoot!
This will consist of ONLY women. It will be a single person portrait for women!
I just watched a video of a professional photographer, and she is doing a "My Beauty Campaign". I love the idea, and would like to pursue it!

*Though, I am not going to pay the hefty price just to have the logo and become an official beauty campaign photographer...

I believe EVERY woman has beauty, just the way you are! We never stop to actually admire it. We just look at ourselves and find the flaws... BUT there is beauty also.

So... here's the deal... I will do a mini-session for $10.00 for the woman only!

Please watch this video here...

*Pop me a comment to let me know what you think!


Julie Harward said...

Great idea Chels...woman was God's last creation, he saved the best for last, his crowning achievement! :D

Barnmom said...

This is such a sweet treat...most women don't usually take the time to have their photograph taken, because they are busy serving others and put their turn on the back burner that just seems to stay there.

Good idea Chelsie...can't wait to see the pictures of beautiful included!

cHeLsiE said...

Thanks Ladies!! :)

I think that most women will look at themselves, and sometimes think they look good.. but the real answer is, they look beautiful!
Every size, shape, and color is beautiful! And, we really should have a portraits of ourselves so our children can reflect on them!
Sometimes it just takes capturing the beauty to actually realize just how beautiful each one of us are!! :)

I think it's also a perfect idea with Valentine's Day right around the corner also.. Add a little something more to make you feel special!

Mom... you know this includes you!! :)

Also... this special will be going on for a few months... especially with Spring and Summer coming up!!!!